From snap shot to GREAT SHOT!

Hi, I love to teach photography, Photoshop and Adobe lightroom, on a 1 to 1 basis or in groups. If you want to improve your photography and understand what all those camera settings do, then my tuition will help you get so much more from your camera.

When it comes to photo editing there is a wealth of software available. Adobe Photoshop and lightroom are considered to be the industry standard but can often be difficult to master, tuition will help you understand this software and improve your editing.

I’ll provide you with practical hands on tuition on location, backed up by some self - study information sheets, with links to useful videos sent to you by email and photographic assignments.

So contact me now and let’s get you started on your journey to becoming a better photographer.
Phone 678 204428 or 951066688: email Facebook click here.

1 to1 tuition €15.00 per hour (Min of 2 hours per lesson) or my pre booked discount package of five lessons €120:00 (paid at first lesson).

Sample Itinerary

Lesson 1
Camera familiarization, aperture & shutter priority ISO, exposure triangle.
Lesson 2
Lesson 1 recap, exposure compensation, metering and the histogram.
Lesson 3
Lesson 2 recap, white balance and focus modes.
Lesson 4
Lesson 3 recap,elements of composition
Lesson 5
Lesson 4 recap, Going manual, shooting in Raw and an introduction to Adobe's Lightroom & Photoshop.

(Please note I am not employed by Adobe, I am legally self-employed to work in Spain).

Now Available.

One-day photography workshops for groups of up to four people, the day will consist of,
Meet and greet over coffee
Photography presentation.
Photo shoot and practical advice

Workshop price €60.00 per person inc lunch.
To book your workshop contact me to arrange.